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Surfing In Mexico

Mexico offers and endless menu of waves, warm temperatures, and novel surf towns. Whether you want to learn surfing or take your skill a notch higher, head to Mexico beaches for some mind boggling adventure. Below is a list of our favorite spots! Also, be sure to check with the state department to have a safe trip!

surfing in mexico beaches


Mexico is home to around 500 beaches and some of them are the best in the world. With over 9330 km coastline, you can imagine the opportunity of water sports here. The Pacific coastline is known for some of the best surf spots in Mexico. If you are looking for different types of waves and vibes, surfing in Mexico is right for you.

#1 OaxacaTry something different.

This southern state attracts surfers for its unique beaches and surfing scopes.

  • Puerto Escondido – Have you heard of the Mexican pipeline? It is a barrel that is often referred to as the world’s best beach break. This is the place where you can witness this spectacular barrel. The state is hit by frequent offshore storms and hurricanes that make waves reach up to 9 meters.
  • Barra de la Cruz has found its place in the international surf map. The barrel-chasing surfers love this place for its chilled vibes. Visit this beach between March and October and you will always remember this surfing holiday.

#2 Baja 

  • Northern Baja has been on the surfers’ favorite list for quite some time. Northern Baja includes reef breaks, fast pointbreaks and year-round surf. 
  • Southern Baja – If you head towards the south, you will get warmer temps and quieter spots to enjoy on your own. Southern Baja is also a better place for beginners with slower and small breaks.
surfing in mexico beaches

#3 Nayarit For a varied surfing experience!

This western state has some of the most iconic surfing locations in Mexico. The towns have developed a surfing culture with surfers from all over the globe. We will mention some of these towns and beaches.

  • Sayulita – This surf town has great beaches that promise good waves from the north swell. December to April is the best time to surf here.
  • Punta de Mita – Are you interested in learning surfing? then this beach has the right waves for you. The waves are long and gentle here, giving you all the practice you need to boost your confidence.
  • San Blas has Las Islitas, a beach known for the longest wave in the world and you can imagine how surfers loved it. However, Borrego Beach is more famous today and is the center of attraction now.
surfing in mexico beaches

#4 Colima  – Pro SUrfers only

(Be sure to check with the state department to have a safe trip! Sometimes this area is better to avoid due to crime.)

  • Pascuales – The tiny state of Colima is hugely popular for its surfing beaches. If you are a pro looking for tough surfing challenges, Pascuales is for you. The river mouth beach break offers some of the largest waves often reaching 10 meters.
  • Cuyutlan –  (just north of pascuales) stands out with its black sand beaches, green waves, and the picturesque oceanfront promenade. The quaint town promises an idyllic vacation. Surfing on the green waves will be a lifetime experience for you. But just like Pasculaes, Cuyutlan should only be surfed by experts. The big waves hit between May and October and so plan your vacation to get the most of them.

#5 Tulum Mayan Ruins included

Mexico has some great locations to make your vacation unforgettable. Tulum is one such place with its Mayan ruins and spectacular beaches. To make your holiday in Mexico wholesome, include Tulum in your itinerary. Visit the Mayan ruins to brush up your history lessons. Try yoga at the yoga studios that have made Tulum trendy with millennials.

Tulum has surfing camps where you can take up lessons. Boca Paila and Paradise are the two most notable beaches. They will leave you spellbound.

La Eufemia serves the most delicious tacos in this region. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Mexico, Tulum has many options. Mezzanine and Hartwood are two stylish restaurants that attract fine diners.

What makes Mexico so different and appealing? Its lifestyle? Food? Or people? You have to spend a few days in Mexico to know why tourists love this country so much. Have the best surfing holiday in Mexico and indulge all your senses. Live the dream called Mexico! 

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Surfing In Mexico - Top 3 Beaches
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Surfing In Mexico - Top 3 Beaches
If you are looking for different types of waves and vibes, surfing in Mexico is the right place for you. Here is a list of our favorite spots! #1 is
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