Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii Big island is also great for surfing in hawaii.

Surfing In Hawaii

Hawaii has so many surfing locations that you are spoilt with choice. However, Oahu is the heart of surfing. The North Shore of this island has waves that suit all types of surfers.

  • Puaena Point

If you are a beginner, Puaena Point, located next to Haleiwa Beach Park will be the ideal place to start. The nearby town Haleiwa has lots of restaurants, art galleries, and surf shops to check out when you need a break.

  • Chun’s Reef

Chun’s Reef is another hotspot for practicing and learning surfing. This beach can also suite more advanced surfers with a menu of breaks. 

  • Canoes

Canoes is one of the most popular surf spots on the south shore. The waves are easy and slow, perfect for learning and enhancing your technique.

“Like any spot on the North Shore, be aware of the surf forecast, as a seemingly small day can get out of hand if a large swell is rolling in later in the day.”(

Hawaii weather in December is conducive to surfing. It is the big wave season and you will find the best surfers of the world flocking to Hawaii for memorable surfing experience. The big surfing competitions are organized in winter and if you want to soak in the thrill, head to North Shore.

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Hawaii Big island is also great for surfing in hawaii.

History of surfing In Hawaii

There are many places popular for surfing but Hawaii is the only location where this sport is intertwined with history, culture, and tradition. Surfing gives Hawaii its identity and most surfers love Hawaii for its surfing opportunities.

The history of surfing in Hawaii dates back to the 4th century when Polynesians set their feet on these islands. Later on, it was reserved for the royalties but slowly with time, everybody was allowed to participate in surfing and as a sport, it flourished.

Today, Hawaii is one of the most popular surfing spots in the world with both amateurs and pros swearing by its waves. Together with a warm tropical climate and numerous spots for surfing with varying heights of waves, surfing in Hawaii becomes a lifetime experience for most tourists.

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history of surfing in hawaii
Hawaii Big island is also great for surfing in hawaii.
history of surfing in hawaii