Hawaii Volcano National Park

Hawaii Big island is also great for surfing in hawaii.

What about watching an active volcano? We bet, you never imagined this possible but you are in Hawaii and hence get ready for action.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is on the Big Island of Hawaii and one of its prime attractions. Kilauea is an active volcano known for spewing ash and lava quite frequently.

The park will amaze you with stretches of lava, huge waves that hit the craggy shoreline, along with grassland, rainforest, and endangered species that try to thrive in this weird ecosystem. If you want to witness destruction and creation and get an idea of how our earth was formed, a visit is a must.

Hawaii promises everything that you seek in a vacation. Great locations, fantastic climate, plenty of scopes for surfing, good food, and magnificent landscapes. We hope you have the best experience and go back with loads of memories.

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