Is Costa Rica Safe?

Is Costa Rica Safe? | SURFERSNEXUS

Costa Rica is known for its steady and consistent surf year round, inexpensive accommodations and a relaxed, friendly environment. So is Costa Rica safe? It can be, But like any third world country, It is important to keep in mind safety – especially because crime has increased in Costa Rica and other countries in recent years. Here are 3 tips to help you have a safe trip in Costa Rica.

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#1 Try Not to Wear Flashy Items

Avoid being a victim of theft, leave your expensive jewelry, watches etc at home.  Petty theft is very common is Costa Rica. Try to blend in as best you can to avoid unwanted attention. According to “the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica files more stolen passport reports than any other embassy in any country in the entire world.” (Ray & Sue)

Remember you should never physically resist any robbery attempt!!

#2 Stay in Public Areas

Avoid Isolated areas where crowds are thin ( especially at night ). Public areas can provide extra safety from the potential of being singled out by theft or other crime. Other suggestions include traveling in numbers and writing down emergency info. Also, make sure you avoid telling strangers to much (like details of plans etc) But, be sure to share your itinerary with your family.

No matter where your headed, checking with the state department is crucial! This is where you can find updated warnings and travel advisory details.

For more information, FrogTV’s FAQs has the answer!

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Is Costa Rica Safe?
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Is Costa Rica Safe?
Yes. Costa Rica can provide a safe, cheep, alternative to other surfing countries. But you should follow these rules to be safe!
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