Best Surfing In The World ( Our Top 3 Choices )

#1 Surfing In Costa Rica 

  • Costa Rica is known for its steady and consistent surf year round, inexpensive accommodations and a relaxed, friendly environment. This tropical paradise sits between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. 
  • Costa Rica is packed with diverse landmarks that any tropical paradise should ask for, including natural white beaches, tropical rainforests and stunning offshore coral reefs. Surfing in Costa Rica also offers a wide selection of waves, breaks and water temperatures around 80 degrees year round.
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#2 Surfing in Mexico

  • Just like Costa Rica, Surfing in Mexico offers an endless menu of waves, cheap accommodations and chill environments. The best waves for surfing are in early summer (May, June). Surfers have been flocking to Mexico for decades to enjoy warm beaches, novel surf towns and exotic living for cheap.
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#3 Surfing in Hawaii  

  • Hawaii has always been known for its “legendary surf” especially on Oahu’s North Shore, which can be accredited to the upbringing of many pro surfers today.
  • Surfing in Hawaii is thought to be practised by Hawaii’s ancient inhabitants. Typically waves can be found on all islands around 3-8ft. However, some swells (generated by the north pacifc) have been noted to reach 30ft high!! So if your into surfing big waves hawaii may be the spot for you!
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